The Lancaster Chinese Arts Festival was first established by the Hua Xian Chinese Society in 2005 as a community celebration to coincide with the East Asian lunar new year or also popularly known as Chinese New Year.

What is Chinese New Year?

What is popularly known as Chinese New Year is an event is marked by cultures that observe a calendar based on the moon as it completes its annual cycle. Celebrations are held across the world but none more so than in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities with traditional festivities lasting 15 days.

People take the opportunity to be reunited with friends and family during this period and across China and the world, you’ll see colourful exuberent celebrations out on the streets as well as in the home.

In 2011, the Festival adopted a new approach and with the support of Arts Council England, it was able to expand it programme from a single day to an extended month of events including an exhibition by Candian based Taiwanese artist Ed Pien at the Storey Gallery, a Chinese Film Season at the Dukes Theatre and pop-up arts exhibitions by local artists in St Nicholas Arcades.

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